What Can I Edit?

What Can I Edit
All variables shown in this image are modifiable.
Color Codes
  • Change colors for tables headings, backgrounds of criticality within tables, and change severity text colors (within specific options chosen)
Display Options
  • This includes tables and other ways that information can be displayed in the exported report
Cover Pages
  • Within your chosen cover page you can update the colors and background images as well as add in your logo to personalize the report.

Static Content vs. Jinja Code

Anything that is not Jinja code can be modified without inducing errors on export. It is easy to identify Jinja code statements, as they are always bookended with one of two methods:
Logic Statements
{% <Logic statements are bracketed with curly-brace percent signs> %}
Print Statements
{{ <Print statements are bracketed with double curly braces> }}
Any content in your Jinja template that is static content can be modified however you please. Additional static content can be added anywhere other than the set-up code section.