Exporting Using Your Jinja Template

If you are running PlexTrac version 1.26 or greater (App and API), you should make use of the “Rapid Templating” feature. This will allow you to quickly test new template versions without having to perform the steps in the section “Without Rapid Templating.”
To enable Rapid Templating, navigate to Account Admin -> General Settings. Scroll to the bottom and enable the Rapid Templating slider.
Regardless of the method you use, if using Windows, you will need to have the document closed to upload it to PlexTrac.
Pro Tip: When you're ready to test a Jinja template. Save the current document, then “Save As” with an incremented version number, e.g. my_jinja_template_v9. This allows you to upload the previous version (v8 – which is the same data) while keeping your template open.

With Rapid Templating Enabled

In your report, click “Export”
Click on the area at the bottom of the modal that appears. Upload your Jinja template, and click “Export.”

With Rapid Templating Disabled

Ensure your Report Template is associated to the Report in Report Details. To export your report into your custom template, simply click the purple “Export” button and select “Word (.docx).