Report Template Set-Up

The Report Template sets up your reusable Report Custom Fields and Narrative Sections Navigate to Account Admin -> Templates, and select Report Templates
Input the title you’ve chosen for your Report Template. Skip the selection for the Export template – you can edit that later after uploading a finalized Jinja template.
Create any Report Custom Fields that you like. See the section Report Custom Fields to understand how these are used in the Jinja document. The key is to ensure that the Label you define is also the label that you call in your Jinja template. Use the “Add Custom Field” button to create additional Report Custom Fields.
Next you will use the “Add Section” button to create all the reusable Narrative Sections.
YOUR SECTION TITLE MUST MATCH the section titles called via the display_narrative pre-built function as described above to render on export. Your Section Text can be any reusable content you desire, to include graphics or tables.
Save your Report Template and close.